Milwaukee Domes Art Festival 2013-Where Art Met Souls

This year was yet another successful year for the Milwaukee Domes Art Festival. Put on by the Friends of the Domes, the art festival gives back to the community through the preservation and improvement of the Domes.  2013 brought in a variety of acclaimed artists from around the country. The energy and scenery surrounding the festival was an inspiration to our artists and reflected in their work.  As usual, the support from our volunteers greatly impacted the success of the festival.

Thousands of people visited the Milwaukee Domes to enjoy fine art, great food and live music; even the kids had a blast. This year the kid’s corner entertained the young ones with balloons, face painting, arts and crafts and a clown! The sun was shining and our guests were smiling, always a sure sign of success. The most exciting festival experience in Milwaukee was indeed the Milwaukee Domes Art Festival. If you took part in this year’s remarkable event, we thank you and can’t wait to see you again in 2014. 

Mark your calendars now for August 15-17, 2014.  Milwaukee Domes Art Festival is food for your soul; you don’t want to miss it!

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2013 MDAF Best of Show
Tom Radca  
$3000 Cash Prize
2013 MDAF Best of Plein Air
Mike Neilson
$1500 Cash Prize
2013 Honorable Mentions
Leslie Emery  $1000 Cash Prize
Camerson Smith
& Jan Thomas
$1000 Cash Prize
Chris Robleski $1000 Cash Prize
Michael Nolte
$1000 Cash Prize
2013 Plein Air Honorable Mentions
Tom Kubala
$500 Cash Prize
Matthew Holt
$300 Cash Prize
Sherri Thomas
$200 Cash Prize

Congratulations 2013 MDAF Winners

Congratulations To 2013 MDAF Best In Shows and Honorable Mentions! 2013 MDAF Best In Show        2013 MDAF Best of Plein Air Tom Radca   Mike Neilson $3000 Cash Prize   $1500 Cash Prize ...
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