Meet the 2010 Domes Art Fest Exhibiting Artists

After artists have been accepted to the Domes Art Festival, they may use their login/password to set up biography pages here at the Domes Art Festival website! Check back after May 2011 to see who will be exhibiting at the 2011 Milwaukee Domes Art Festival.

Artist Name Category Entry
Kathy Armstrong Painting View
Daniel Bennett Ceramics View
James Bigger Plein Air View
Jamie Bilgo Painting View
Marla Brenner Plein Air View
Lonnie Broden Plein Air View
Brian Bruce Painting View
Thomas Buchs Plein Air View
Brenna Busse Mixed Media View
Allison Rae Butkus Painting View
Dagmara Costello Painting View
Curtis Crain Painting View
Patrice Curry Mixed Media View
Kathleen Eaton Plein Air View
Martha Enzler Ceramics View
Johannah Erickson Painting View
Barbra Espey Fiber View
Kristi Evenson Jewelry View
Daniel Fenn Glass View
Peggy Furlin Painting View
Nancy Gardner Ceramics View
Robert Geisel Jewelry View
Carol Giffin Glass View
Peter Gnas Photography View
Kim Gordon Plein Air View
Keith Grace Mixed Media View
Jennifer Greenfield Painting View
David Guilfoose Glass View
Ray Hartl Photography View
Mary Heuer Jewelry View
Wendy and Marvin Hill Printmaking View
Jeffrey Homar Mixed Media View
Ric James Painting View
Shelby Keefe Painting View
Nancy Krahn Jewelry View
Pat Kroth Fiber View
Colleen Kwong Plein Air View
Terra LaChance Fiber View
Barbara Lager Jewelry View
Daniel Lager Painting View
William Lemke Photography View
Susan Leopold Plein Air View
Nathan Lovas Photography View
Sara Lubinski Painting View
Susan Lukas Digital View
Sherrod Milewski Plein Air View
Jim Miller Glass View
William and Cynthia Mosedale-Kaufmann Ceramics View
James Mosier Mixed Media View
Becki Moylan Jewelry View
Katie Musolff Plein Air View
Tom Nedobeck Glass View
Carolina Niebres Ceramics View
Bruce A Niemi Sculpture View
Michael Nolte Metal View
Terry O’Neill Photography View
Richard Patt Painting View
Michael Pintar Plein Air View
Thomas Pscheid Drawing / Pastels View
Kate Qualley Peterson Jewelry View
Jef Raasch Ceramics View
Jan Raven Jewelry View
Daniel Rizzi Plein Air View
Shelly Rosenquist Drawing / Pastels View
Lauren Nicole Rusnak Jewelry View
Roger Salick Digital View
Linda Sasse Painting View
James Sauer Sculpture View
Carmel Jean and Michael Douglas Schramm Jewelry View
Christine Sikora Plein Air View
Adama Sow Ceramics View
Sam Spiczka Sculpture View
James J Steeno Plein Air View
Jill Streitwieser Sculpture View
Ken Swanson Printmaking View
Kae Taylor Fiber View
Kerry Tharp Mixed Media View
Ryan Tischer Photography View
Thomas Wargin Drawing / Pastels View
Thomas Wargin Sculpture View
JoAnne Warren Painting View
Chuck Weber Painting View
Jodi Westmore Jewelry View
Lou Zale Digital View